• Exclusive Conjurer title in-game!
  • Includes all previous permissions.
  • /nick (Keep all nicknames appropriate, or this privilege will be revoked)
  • Set home limits increased to 18
  • No cooldown on /rt (Random Teleport)
  • 45 Slot backpack
  • /sell all (Sells all non-relic items in the player’s inventory, beware no refunds for accidentally sold items!)


All Perks from lesser Donor Ranks as well as:

-Exclusive Conjurer Title ingame!

-/nick Keep all nicknames appropriate or we will revoke this privilege!

-/repair hand You may repair items for other donor ranks only, anyone else you repair items for will reset item durability to 0 and the item will become unusable for them!

-Set Homes increased to 18

-No Cooldown on /rt ( Random Teleport )

-45 Slot Backpack

-/sell all ( Sells all non-relic items in players inventory, beware no refunds for accidentally sold items! )

-+25% Jobs Money Boost to ALL Jobs